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Why Conventions Matter

Are you running into some obstacles at your school regarding convention travel? We know that field trip restrictions are tighter than ever, and we're here to help. Download this PDF to share with your administrators as you seek travel approval. This one-page document promotes the benefits of JEA/NSPA national conventions and might help showcase why conventions offer essential learning experiences — for teachers and students — beyond the regular classroom.

JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention

Coming up

JEA/NSPA Fall National
High School Journalism Convention

Nov. 12-15, 2015
Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, Fla.

Room rates: Singles/doubles, $175; triples/quads, $185 (plus 12.5 percent tax)

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The National High School Journalism Convention is a semi-annual gathering of high school journalists and advisers sponsored by National Scholastic Press Association and its partner, the Journalism Education Association. The associations partner to prepare nearly 400 practical and professional learning sessions, from high-profile keynotes to specific, problem-solving breakouts, hands-on workshops and discussion groups. Other convention activities include an exhibit hall with vendors who sell to student media, JEA’s on-site Write-off contests, NSPA’s Best of Show contest, receptions, awards convocations, critiques, career roundtables and evening entertainment.

Breakout sessions for students from all media types — newspaper, online, broadcast, yearbook and magazine — are planned to meet the publishing and broadcasting needs of all scholastic student media. Some are specifically for advisers, administrators or middle school students. Whether it’s ethics and law, technology and design, advertising and business operations, photography and art or just the basics of news writing and reporting, this convention covers the bases.

With typical attendance of more than 4,000 delegates, the JEA/NSPA convention has become the place to seek solutions to the most challenging publishing and broadcasting problems, share and celebrate success stories, see what’s new in the media marketplace, discover trends and network with students and advisers from throughout the United States.

About the site:
The spring convention is held in a major city in the West, while the fall convention is held in a major city in the Midwest, South or East. Each convention is typically self-contained at a large convention hotel. Sometimes, the hotel configuration will require the convention to use additional space in an adjacent convention center. A majority of attendees will come from the region, including a substantial number from the metro area.

If you wish to sponsor and purchase exhibitor space at this convention, please fill email NSPA's executive director, Diana Mitsu Klos.

Upcoming JEA/NSPA convention dates/sites:

  • April 14–17, 2016, Los Angeles
  • Nov. 10–13, 2016, Indianapolis
  • April 6–9, 2017, Seattle
  • Nov. 16–19, 2017, Dallas
  • April 12–15, 2018, San Francisco

NSPA Summer Journalism Workshops

upcoming workshop

NSPA Summer High School
Journalism Workshop

July 24-26, 2015
University of Minnesota

Join us in Minneapolis this July, and get the skills you need to be the best leader, writer, designer, photographer, Web manager or adviser for the upcoming school year!

The NSPA Summer Workshops is a gathering of high school journalists and advisers, with a focus on essential skills and training in preparation for the coming school year.

About the site:
Workshops are self-contained on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis, using campus buildings for classes, computer labs and dorm housing. The campus is also home to NSPA's headquarters.